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Big firms, with bottomless pockets, can hire expensive designers to help them tap into the power of design.

Until now, smaller firms have usually had to do without.

Now, however, Design to Sell provides the step-by-step guidance firms of all sizes need to use Microsoft Publisher to make design work for them--instead of against them.

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Free illustrated 14-page report

White Paper Design that Sells

16 easy-to-implement best practices

Get the information you need to design and produce white papers that provide a competitive edge for you and your clients. 

White Paper Design that Sells is essential reading for:

  • In-house communications professionals using white papers to introduce new products
  • Copywriters and designers looking for an easy way to make their clients stand out
  • Self-employed professionals looking for a way to differentiate themselves
Master the essentials of design

White papers must be more than just well-written. Their design must take your words to the next level. This free report shows you how!

White Paper Design that Sells describes 16 easy-to-implement best practices you can take to optimize your message. The best practices are organized organized in 5 categories:

  • Layout, how to create a foundation for your white paper's success
  • Type, how to choose the right type and use often-overlooked commands to multiply your word's effectiveness
  • Color, discover how to take full advantage of its power
  • Graphics, learn how to place them for maximum impact
  • Proofing, find out how there's more to proofing than a spell-checker!

No matter how good your message, if your white paper fails the "design test," it will fail to convince prospects--and you're the one who's fault it is

Latest research

White Paper Design that Sells is based on over 12,000 pages of research conducted by the Microsoft Corporation. Learn what their research revealed about reading, and how it should influence the design of your white paper.


White Paper Design that Sells is illustrated with numerous examples, including before-and-after comparisons.

Useful, actionable, ideas

Information you can immediately put to work:

  • 16 formatting and layout tips that will multiply the power of your words
  • Advice for proofing your white papers to avoid costly and embarrassing errors
  • Resources for further learning


Written by the author of best-selling design books like:

  • Looking Good in Print
  • The One-Minute Designer
  • Desktop Publishing & Design for Dummies
  • Design to Sell

Over 1.6 million readers around the world own copies of my 38 books! details

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Bonus categories

These permit you, and your students, to evaluate their comprehension of the contents in each chapter. These are ideal for "before and after" comparisons.

These contain examples of completed projects, often based on Design to Sell's ideas and templates.

Teaching aids
Teaching aids include examples and project suggestions.

Resources include recommended books and websites.

This page offers easy access to all of the templates included in Design to Sell, plus additional designs.

Worksheets take the time out of identifying your goals and priorities, so you can immediately get down to work.

Special Bonuses

Discover the 7 Graphic Design Essentials

Introduction to Mind Mapping for Writers and Marketers

Get a head start on all of your writing and marketing projects!

  • Illustrated, 4-page Special Report
  • What mind mapping is, and how to get started
  • 3 steps to success
  • 4 ways to put maps to work
  • 8 valuable tips
  • Glossary of mapping terms
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